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*Highly requested by everyone;)


Harry: You woke up earlier than expected. You didn’t want to get out of bed, you just wanted to sleep your life away. There was no point anymore, Harry was gone and you were alone. Last night kept playing through your mind as you walked over to the bathroom, examining your cuts and bruises. “It doesn’t seem so bad.” The voice startled you. Harry must have come in without you knowing. You turn your head and Harry’s leaning against the door frame. “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be tending to Caroline’s needs?” You didn’t want to forgive Harry, not right away at least. “Don’t be like that, love. I was just looking out for her.” “I’m your girlfriend Harry, you’re supposed to look out for me not your ex girlfriend.” “I know I’m sorry.” “No you’re not Harry, if you were really sorry then you would’ve listen to me when I told you she wanted you back, that she’s constantly flirting with you, and that she didn’t want me in the picture at all.” You could feel the tears behind your eyes. “Listen to me (Y/N), things got out of control last night and I understand why you’re upset, but you should understand why I took her side.” “No, you listen to me. I don’t want to understand why you took her side. The whole thing was her fault and you just sat there, letting her beat me up. Boyfriends don’t do that.” You pushed past Harry, trying to end the conversation. “It was extremely pointless to come here if all you’re going to do is defend Caroline.” “(Y/N) I’m not defending Caroline. I’m trying to tell you that I’m sorry. Caroline is just a friend and that’s all she’ll ever be to me. I know that I shouldn’t have made you walk home in the rain, I know I should’ve taken your side, I know I’m a complete jackass for the whole thing.” Even though you were still mad, your heart started giving in. You couldn’t resist Harry. “Promise me we’ll never have to go over to her house again.” “I promise you that we’ll never have to see her again. I love you, (Y/N). No one else.” Harry wrapped his arms tight against your waist, pulling you down on the bed. “I love you too, Harry.”

Niall: After the fight you weren’t sure what to do. Niall was gone and he was probably with Holly, which hurt you to think about. You wanted to get away from everything but you were trapped in the house because Niall took the car. “Maybe I can order a pizza and just watch movies or something.” Mumbling to yourself you grabbed your phone and dialed the local pizza place. After getting off the phone, you went over and looked for a movie to watch. After deciding on P.S I Love You, you changed into your pajamas and settled yourself on the couch starting the movie. You had completely forgotten about the pizza, until you heard the doorbell in the distance. You grabbed your wallet and pulled out some money for the pizza, going to answer the door. “So how much do I owe you?” “Um..” You looked up expecting to see the delivery man, but were surprised when you saw Niall. “Oh. It’s you. What do you want?” “I want to talk to my girlfriend. I’m sorry about everything, I should’ve never left.” “You think saying I’m sorry is going to make everything okay?” “Everything is okay, (Y/N). There’s nothing to fight about anymore.” “No Niall, there’s a lot of things to fight about , or be mad about.” “Like what?” “Like the fact that you don’t believe me. The fact that you would rather side with your ex girlfriend when she’s the liar.” “I didn’t side with her, I just didn’t believe you.” You didn’t want Niall to come back. You just wanted to spend the day with yourself, trying to cope with everything that happened. “Niall, is there a reason you came back? Do you actually want to try and make this work?” “I came back because I felt guilty. I was pissed at myself for leaving you. I just, I wanna make everything better. I want you to forgive me.” You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face. Staying mad at Niall was almost impossible, especially when he would look at you with his deep blue eyes. “I love you, (Y/N). Please forgive me?” You ran up to him, squeezing him tight. “I love you too, Niall.” You guys headed over to the couch, falling asleep while finishing the movie, ignoring the fact that you never got your pizza.

Louis: You were past the point of frustration, Louis treated Eleanor like a queen and his own girlfriend like a peasant. You drove back to your flat and went straight to your bed. There was no doubt in your mind that Louis would leave you for Eleanor. You dried your tear stained cheeks, trying to fall asleep. After about an hour you gave up, knowing that sleep wasn’t even possible right now. ”Maybe I just need some food.” You got out of bed and headed down to your kitchen, shuffling around for something to eat. “(Y/N).” You jumped when you heard Louis call your name. “What?” “Why’d you leave without me?” “Are you being serious right now? Why’d I leave? Because queen Eleanor comes before me, Lou.” “You’re being ridiculous. Come on, lets go to bed.” “I’m not being ridiculous! You blamed me for everything when I told you it was an accident.” “(Y/N) I didn’t blame you for anything. Can we just drop it? I’m very tired and I just want to get some sleep.” “Then go to bed. No ones stopping you.” “I want to go to bed with you, honey.” “I know you still love her Lou, don’t lie to me. I know that you still want to be her and I’m just your rebound to make you feel less lonely.” “What are you talking about?” “You know exactly what I’m talking about.” “I’ll always love El, but she’s my past. There’s nothing between us and there never is going to be anything between us. I love you (Y/N) and no one else. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be here with you.” You were taken back. Louis had never told you he loved you before. You felt warmth in your heart. “I’m so sorry. I love you Louis.” He pulled you in for a loving hug, carrying you up the stairs and pulling you into bed. “Don’t ever stop fighting with me, (Y/N).” “Why?” “Because then I’ll know that you stopped caring.”

Liam: Liam was too busy with Danielle to notice you had left. You tried to find your way out to the car, but it was dark and the parking lot was full of cars. “(Y/N). Wait don’t leave.” You saw Liam chasing after you. You started walking away faster, not wanting to talk to Liam, but he eventually caught up with you. “Hey, why didn’t you stop when I called you?” “Just leave me alone, Liam.” “What’s wrong?” “What’s wrong is that you cared more about Danielle being hurt than me. Your girlfriend.” “It’s not that! I swear.” “Liam, you completely ignored the fact that she hurt me really bad, but you still made sure she was okay.” “(Y/N) I’m sorry, I really am.” “Liam, sorry doesn’t always work.” You turned away before he could see your tears. You weren’t sure if things between you and Liam were over, but you did know that you loved Liam, and were willing to make things work. He trailed behind you, grabbing onto your arm. “Please, don’t leave. I need you.” You weren’t going to let him win. “Can we talk about this? Please?” “Okay Liam, lets talk. What do you want to talk about first? The fact that your ex girlfriend kicked my ass or the fact that you did nothing about it? Or even better we can talk about how you made sure she was okay and you didn’t give a single fuck if I was hurt.” “Okay, I see you’re still mad about everything.” “Of course I’m still mad. Just knowing that my boyfriend wasn’t there when I needed him kills me inside.” The tears were coming impossible to bare, flooding your eyes. You held your head in your hands, trying to cover your tears so Liam wouldn’t see your weakness. It failed. Liam read you like a book and knew exactly when something was wrong. He pulled you into his chest, holding you tight. “Forgive me, please?” “I love you, Liam. I just want to forget about tonight.” His grip grew tighter as he kissed the top of your head. “I love you too, (Y/N). Forever and always.”

Zayn: Harry had taken you back to his flat letting you stay the night. He knew that you couldn’t go back to your flat that you shared with Zayn after tonight. “I’ve got a lot of ice cream..I heard that girls like to eat ice cream when they’re sad.” “Thanks, Harry.” “If you need anything just tell me, okay? I’ll be up in my room.” “Actually, Harry could you stay down here with me? I just don’t want to be alone right now.” He shook his head, pulling you close to his side and walking over to the couch. “I just don’t understand how he could do this to me. I mean, it’s my birthday. I didn’t think he was that heartless.” “People do stupid things, but I don’t think he meant it, (Y/N). He loves you, I’m sure he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” “He didn’t even see if I was okay, Harry. He let those guys throw me out of the club and he didn’t even care if I was alone.” You started to cry, harder than you expected. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll be right back, stay here.” Harry got up and you heard the door open and close. You knew that it was Zayn, no one else would come to the door at 3am. “Hey boo.” You kept your head down so he wouldn’t see you’ve been crying. He came and sat down slowly next to you. “I got you this.” He handed you a small teddy bear. “Do you really think this is gonna fix everything?” “Well, I thought maybe it was a start,” he joked. You looked up to meet his beautiful, hazel eyes. “Please don’t cry.” Guilt lingered in his words. “It’s hard not to cry when your birthday ends like that.” “I know an apology won’t fix this.” “I don’t know if anything can fix this, Zayn.” You could see the sadness take over his face. He stood up and started to walk away. “(Y/N), just know that I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I never want to hurt you.” He started towards the door but before he could get it open you ran into his arms. “I love you Zayn, I forgive you for what happened.” “I love you too, boo.” He kissed your forehead and you both went back to Harry’s couch. “So the teddy bear was a stupid idea, huh?” “You’re so cheesy, but I love it.”

*This was highly requested, holy crap! ahah I’m really sorry if I disappointed anyone, but I did have it so everyone had a happy ending! Thank you again for all the encouragement and support, it really means the world to me!* -Danielle:) 

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